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RTL-TCP controller

This is new feature. It is useful only if you have >50Mbps connection with your RPi+DVB-T station. Just select the station and hit "Start" Button at "RTL-TCP" tab and the raw IQ data stream is going to be forwarded on your local computer running MNM4SDR. The address is always and port 1234 just as the DVB-T dongle is connected directly to your Windows PC but you don't have to mess with USB driver. The picture worth a thousand words so here it is.

In this moment it has only basic but even though control over remote rtl_tcp is simplified especially in combination with the Administration funcionality.

RTL-TCP controller enable connection of third party software to the RPi station. This feature provides more convinient handling of remote rtl_tcp process. The frequency and sample rate could be set specifically, but often third party software is going to take over control of frequency and sample rate options. If "SSH Tunnel" is not checked, It is possible to connect from another PC or VM. Whenever "RTL-SDR" is checked MNM4SDR is going to record IQ data on the RPi, the name of recorded file will be shown in the text box. File name format is year|month|day|hour|minute|random.bin and it is saved at home folder of user defined in monitoring station table for the RPi station (You can get it from RPi with some scp or sft client, e.g. WinSCP). MNM4SDR also actively watch over running connection for the signal exit caught event and inform user about it.

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